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“I think I’m quite uncompromising. I can’t bear bulls—-. And in a way the shyness is me protecting other people from that. I can feel that there’s an intimidation that can happen if I own my full height, and speak at my full volume.”

"Dishonesty" also makes Richard angry! Truth and honesty only!!!

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David Tennant talking with his hands a lot (and looking particularly adorable) on Totally Doctor Who

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I can’t even hear what this dude’s saying but look at how ineffectually angry this bird is.

I’ve had days where I’ve wanted ti shriek like this at people too.
As a side note, I love that barn owls are used to often in art, and considered the most beautiful species, yet they make a noise like Satan’s chalkboard.

So much for owls saying hoot :U

"Are we ready, little one?"


I’ve got nothing but love for folks who call angry, screeching predators ‘little one’.

Do you ever think someone has that one type f animal they’re just connected to?
You can tell who they are because they look at a crocodile that just tried to bite them and say, “aren’t you /beautiful/” or the screaming owl and, “yes, you’re so cute” and genuinely truly mean it.

"He’s saying ‘let me go or I’ll eat your face off’". I love it

He’s just gently cradling it like a babby while it howls with soul-devouring fury.

This is just like my first three months as a parent.

It’s a baby fucking Nazgul!

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Natalie Dormer attends the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

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Richard Armitage in Strike Back 

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My friendly note for my first day of classes from Lev.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hello! I saw your post about canes and know the feeling well - I'm 20 and had to get one last year :c but non-ugly options are out there! I don't know your price point, but ebay has some great sellers of brand new canes with some pretty floral designs which aren't totally grandma-ish I think? I've even had a couple of compliments in shops and around campus even if I am 'the stick girl' to some people ^^; good luck in your quest for a not-ugly cane!
hobbitballerina hobbitballerina Said:

Yeah, I’ve been looking at pretty floral ones on Amazon that seem to run between $12 and $30, which is manageable.  As I’m sitting in the grad lounge waiting for my knee and hip to stop throbbing thanks to nearly face-planting in the Metro, I think it’s time to give in and do it.

Thanks for the encouragement.  This is so hard, but knowing other people have gone through it and managed makes it a lot easier.  Stick girls unite!


Gimli’s Tomb by *Kibbitzer

Immortality is a bad thing :c

(Gimli died at the age of 242)

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Jefferson started issuing a flurry of letters home, pleading for someone in America, anyone, to kill and stuff the largest moose he could find and ship it to him in France.